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ASP.NET 2.0 - 3.5, C#, WCF, AJAX, Java Script, JQuery and SQL Server 2005 & 2008.

Greenslate Greenslate.com

Globalscholar’s B2B product is an “enterprise” product meant for a single teacher. GreenSlate is meant to empower teachers who don’t have access to the B2B. At a high level here are the things that a teacher can do with GreenSlate. Manage their own curriculum; Teachers will have access to other teacher’s curriculum and will be able to copy content into their own curriculum. Manage their classes (sections).Manage their own students. Use grade book for grading and attendance.

Globalscholar-B2B Globalscholar.com - B2B

Globalscholar’s B2B product is basically about the Curriculum instructional information system for an online tutoring product. A web-enabled curriculum management, student assessment and grade book software solution, CIIS is a B2B product which helps teachers to road map curriculums, do lesson planning, and assess student performance. It also enables administrators to analyses data to measure learning outcomes of schools and students within their jurisdiction. The CIIS program could prove immensely useful to India’s 1.20 million schools — especially the country’s 1,46,000 private sector primaries and secondaries.

DLC GlobalScholar.Com - DLC (Private Label)

DLC stands for digital Learning commons (www.Learningcommons.org) nonprofit that provides educational resources through deals with schools for students, parents, and teachers. Once a school is signed up with DLC their org can take courses, view resources, etc… Users must enter their school and a PW to gain access. We have signed an agreement to provide our platform to DLC. This includes the ability to offer instant tutoring and homework help with DLC providing their own tutors. The main benefit of working with DLC is having a private label platform for reference, solutions, and actual demo site for deals with Libraries, community colleges, and brick and mortar tutoring companies.

Globalscholar-B2C Globalscholar.com - B2C

GlobalScholar.com offers a unique online tutoring platform, where parents and students can safely connect with trusted educators who provide one-on-one tutoring, homework help or self-paced learning. The GlobalScholar platform also can be used by schools and school districts to enable teachers and administrators to more efficiently and effectively create, manage and align content, assessments, curriculum, standards and supplemental learning to drive educational performance.

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